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It started in 1996 with The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica, the first comprehensive surf travel guide covering not only the breaks and their characteristics, but detailed info on how to get there, what to pack, where to stay and other helpful tips. The Costa Rica guide was followed by The Surfer’s Guide to Baja in 1999. Then in 2006 the Costa Rica guide added SW Nicaragua. That's enough. No more books.


Many guides have followed in these footsteps, especially for Costa Rica, one of the more popular surf travel destinations. Many have great pictures (The Surfer’s Guide to Costa Rica originally had none), and some have been pretty good. So there's no shortage of great surf guide books to get you stoked for your next surf trip.

And of course there's the Internet, right? Who needs a guide book when you have a phone in your hand? So we'll be adding some of the content from our guidebooks to this website. It will never have everything, but something is better than nothing, right? 


The guide books themselves are available at your local surf shop or online retailer (like Amazon also has them in Kindle.


As always, we recommend you check Surfline, MagicSeaweed, WaveWatch, Nicaragua Surf Report and Surf Forecast for up-to-date surf conditions and forecasts.