Has not yet been added to The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica and SW Nicaragua, but coming soon. In the meantime, here's some info.

To get to the surf, drive in through the Chacocente wildlife refuge (Rio Escalante-Chacocente), walk in from Astillero or boat in. However you get here, you’re guaranteed uncrowded beach breaks and reefs. The easiest access is probably the drive in through the reserve, parking at the biological station (safe parking, and you can also rent lodging or camp), paying a per-person fee (about US$5) and walking about 10 minutes to the surf.


But the park rangers may not let you surf as this is a wildlife reserve set aside to protect the beach as a nesting area for turtles. Tours of the wildlife reserve are available and sometimes there are hundreds if not thousands of turtles coming to the beach to lay their eggs.


Chacocente has beach breaks with great shape and no one out. A couple of reefs, too. The Chacocente breaks are sandwiched between Lance’s Left to the south and Playgrounds to the north. If either is crowded, ask your boat captain to take you to Chacocente for some empty beach breaks.