Costa Rica Background


(Excerpts from The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica & SW Nicaragua)

It would be no surprise if much of what you find here is information you've already seen. Why? Because since 1996, when the first The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica was printed, the information has been "borrowed" and placed into many, many websites. There was even a guy making copy machine copies of the book and selling it in a Playa Grande surf shop (and who knows where else). So if you feel like you're getting the same info here...sorry! But it's really not our fault. We take Tico waves. Some of them take Gringo property. I suppose that's the deal.


Ok, now for the info... 

At the risk of sounding cliché, Costa Rica is a surfer’s paradise. You have seen it said in the magazine ads and you have probably heard it out in your local line-up. With little qualification, you are hearing it again here. Costa Rica has a zillion breaks with waves coming from all directions on two coasts. You don’t need a wetsuit and the hazards are minimal. People are friendly. Comfortable lodging and food are plentiful and with reasonable prices. There are populated breaks for those needing company or an audience, and they are usually bordered by empty breaks within walking distance. And when you really want to get remote, there are plenty of world-class waves accessible only by boat or long hikes through tropical rainforest. Everything a surfer needs is in Costa Rica.