Boca Cadaje / La Laguna


There is lots of uncrowded surf between Punta Santo Domingo and San Juanico, but the better breaks are at the rivermouths, Boca Cadaje and Estero San Raymundo. I’m not sure which is the real La Laguna. Wave-finder Mexico identifies La Laguna as the estuary to the north, which is Estero San Raymundo. Others point to the estuary to the south and nearer to San Juanico, Boca Cadaje. And don’t get it confused with Laguna San Ignacio, where whale watching tours take precedence over surfing. Regardless, it’s difficult to get to either one. You can check it out for yourself by taking a dirt tracks west out the back side of San Juanico; they’re get you to Boca Cadaje. To get to Estero San Raymundo you’ll have to follow the directions to Punta Santo Domingo and head south or southwest. Don’t bother heading to Estero San Raymundo if you’re not prepared for hard core off-road driving. 


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