Mechapa is not only the northernmost surf spot on the Pacific side, it’s also the furthest from the Managua airport and everything else. But most of the drive is pretty easy as the Pan America highway north of Managua is in good condition, it’s mostly a straight line, and there are not many reasons to stop. (Except to gawk at volcanoes.)

Mechapa is awesome, and it has yet to be really discovered, so get your butt up there. There are tons of quality beach breaks, from grinding tubes to mellow A-frames, and no one out. There’s also a quality rivermouth break. And there’s a great place to stay called the Redwood Beach Resort (the name makes you think of Oregon, also way up north) right on the beach and right in front of excellent surf ( Rich, the chef, surfs – he’s about the only surfer in the area – and the owners are great folks. Mechapa itself is a fishing village, and there are nice waves breaking right out front of where the pescadores launch their pangas.

Check out the video below so see the surf at Mechapa. Notice how NO ONE IS OUT!