The road to Pavones, Zancudo, Punta Banco...

Punta Burica


(Excerpts from The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica & SW Nicaragua)

If you continue out the Burica Peninsula from Punta Banco you will discover a lot of unridden surf. This is mainly because most of the surf isn’t very good compared to Pavones, but you’ll have them to yourself. Much of the area is accessible only by foot, horse or boat. Near-total isolation punctuated by the occasional village or hermit. When you get all the way out to the end you will find big, deep-water waves. There’s also an island near Burica with good-to-excellent surf, or so they say. Over the years the area has being publicized by at least one of the surf travel companies as part of their secret spot “promotion.” No lodging once you get past Punta Banco, and don’t be confused by Rancho Burica. It’s in Punta Banco.


For a good article on a small group of surfers who journeyed out Punta Burica check out The Surfer's Journal 24.3 Type Two Fun, by David J. Morris.


Pavones view from the other side of the river. Photo credit: Bob Towner