Punta Santo Domingo


Off the beaten track. South-exposed beach and reef break that needs south swell or a solid west. Waves off the point and beach breaks in the bay. The nearest real town is San Juanico, AKA Scorpion Bay to the south. Look on the map and it’s easy to find, it’s the next big point north of San Juanico. But getting there in person is another story. So what you do is drive out to Cadeja, and follow the road west (left) a few miles until reaching the arroyo with some structures. This is La Ballena. Turn off onto the road heading SW; it will take you to the point. Check it out when you get bored with Scorpion Bay’s crowds; this place is rarely surfed. But you had better be extremely bored, because the drive in is rough, but doable. Plan on a few hours each way.


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